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♥This is your last chance for goodbyes♥♥

I'm on the line now

Basic Things

.one. Name:MeghanMegh
.two. Age:thirteen
.three. Location: Silver Creek, New York
.four. Single or taken? (Include a pic if you have one):single
.five. Describe your life in about 25 words:Right now during the summer I basically sleep until after noon then I wake up eat waffles maybe run a brush through my hair and brush my teeth. Then I take a walk.
.six. What do you do on the weekends?Stay up super late with friends, talking about the upcoming school year. Sometimes going to parties and such.
.seven. Any brothers or sisters? (Pics?) of course. They're my half sisters obviously, they look nothing like me.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
.eight. Favortie food.Spaghetti
.nine. Favorite old tv show.Boy Meets World
.ten. Favorite colora dark maroonish color

This or That
.one. Cats * Dogs? cats
.two. Rain * Sun? rain
.three. Livejournal * Myspace * Xanga? myspace
.four. Mom * Dad? mom
.five. Taking back sunday * Bright eyes? Bright Eyes. I actually just bought one of their cd's tonight.
.six. Britney * Christina? Christina
.seven. Dating Boys * Girls? boys
.eight. Red * Pink ? red
.nine. Lip Piercings * Bellybotton Piercings lip piercings
.ten. Vintage * retro retro!


.one. 7 Bands you like: Brand New, Tegan & Sara, The Clash, Reggie and The Full Effect, Bright Eyes, Plain White T's and Hidden In Plain View
.two. 6 Movies: Elephant, Grind, Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmos Fire and Sixteen Candles
.three.5 TV shows: Degrassi, Stevens Untitled Rock Show, Late Show with Conan O'brien, Viva La Bam and Danny Phantom ((this was kind of hard, I don't watch a lot of televison))
.four. 3 books: The Burn Journals, Zipped and Give a Boy a Gun
.five.Name a fave singer/band you like: Mikey Way ((he's not really a singer or anything, but I hope "musician" counts))
.six.When is your favorite time to listen to music?when I'm home alone and I can sing as loud as I want to it. Usually I end up losing my voice. I'm a nerd like that.

What would you do?
(please don't give a simple one/two/three word answer to these)</b>

.one. If someone told you your boyfriend/girlfriend was ugly?? I would say "alright, why do I care" and walk away. People who are mean or shallow like that shouldn't be someone I want to be around, but I suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
.two.If someone told you that you looked horrible today? I'd would probably look terrible because I didn't care, if so I wouldn't say anything I'd just continue what I was doing.

(please don't give a simple one/two/three word answer to these)

.one. The current president I don't like him one bit. Although I did give him a chance I watched the debates and everything before I made up my mind, and I did not fallow my parents opinions like many other people. In my opinion he seems childish or rather immature. Half of the decisions he makes, I don't beleive are on his own.
.two.Burning the flag I guess I'm stuck in the middle. In a way it's very bad because it's our flag and it symbolizes so much. On the other hand it's just a flag, our nation is still together and we don't really need symbols to remind us of that or anything. Personally though I guess I would never do that to any nation/state/whatever's flag.


.one. What community have you been rejected from recently and why?le rad, because I got a lot of both votes, but the good outwieghed the bad. Mainly because my photos were bad, but I have recently reapplied and gotten all yes votes with new photos.
.two. Go to the mods and members page and pic a member, compliment them.hmm there are none listed so I'll go with lunchboxdolls. I love your hair color, and I wish my teeth looked like yours, mine aren't nasty, but they aren't as pretty as yours, and I like the general feeling of the photo.
.three. Go to the mods and members page and pic a MOD or co-MOD, compliment them.Keroscene. Do you have two lip rings? I want at least one, but I'm a wimp. I like the blue editing of the photo, and your eyes look glassyish.
.four.Promote in two places. Link us.
ONE http://www.livejournal.com/users/_________booger/6823.html?thread=37287#t37287
TWO http://www.livejournal.com/users/__asalways/10976.html?thread=87776#t87776
.five.Make a promo or accepted/rejected banner.You have too,it doesnt matter how gahh it is. Image hosted by Photobucket.com It's very "gahh" I know, but it's 3am.
.six.Will you be active? completely
.seven.Are you AWESOME? In some ways I suppose so.
.eight.What will you bring to this community? Activeness, myself, and hopefully more members.
.nine.POst pictures of yourself. At LEAST 2 but no more than 7. It can be edited but I want to be able to see your face in aleast one picture!!.I'm not that pretty I'll warn you.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
.ten.Now, show/tell us something funny stories, pictures, anything!!!
.eleven.Tell us if you lived in the past time what time would you lived and why? This is probably over-rated, but the 80's everybody thinks it's funny how much I love the decade, but it's just so amazing. There was amazing styles, music, and everything seemed so unique then.
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